Sound & Spell (4 years and above)


Sound & Spell (4 years and above)

DETAILS: In this puzzle forty words are shown in pictures and also spelt out The pictures along with the spelling are made by matching jigsaw puzzle pairs. There are 10 large vehicle cut- outs comprising of a School-bus, Double Decker bus, Fire truck, Ambulance. Pickup van, Luxury bus…..etc. Each vehicle has which has 4 empty slots for these pictures. In the driver's seat the word sound is displayed by a child posing as the driver displaying the sound blend (2 consonants combined and 2 sounds are heard - gr, cr, fl, bl, tr, dr, pl) or digraph (2 consonants are combined and 1 sound is heard - ch, wh, sh) - So 10 drivers in the vehicles display 10 phonetic sounds. The Puzzle Activity involves the child recognizing the speech sound for each vehicle and then trying to form pictures with a pair of jigsaw pieces. Children can extend the learning with more play possibilities by forming more words or play a memory game whose rules are simple to follow. CONTENTS: 80 inset jigsaw pieces; 10 vehicle frames

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